Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Silver Oak Farms is a farming operation with vision, integrity, and dedication that takes pride in our commitment to providing excellent agronomic services and land management in order to maximize success for future generations.

Mission Statement

Silver Oak Farms is a committed and progressive producer of agricultural products and services.  Through strategic planning, innovation, and stewardship of natural resources, Silver Oak Farms provides opportunities for our family, landowners, and employees to thrive.

Core Values

  • We value relationships with our employees, landowners, and community. Relationships are the core of a successful business.
  • We want to treat people fairly, with dignity, respect, honesty, and fairness. We believe in living by the “Golden Rule.”
  • We have a passion for growing not only crops, but our community, our business, and the lives of all involved at Silver Oak Farms.
  • Innovation is critical in Agriculture. One must be willing to try new techniques in order to stay current with the demands of today’s world.

Silver Oak Farms is a dedicated farming operation working to sustain the next generation farming. If you are a farmer looking to retire. we can facilitate your rent negotiation as well as farm sales between both parties.  In addition, we work closely with distress farmers. Please contact us if you have any questions or read more, Management Consultation, Next Generation Farming, and Landowner Information.

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