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Dinwiddie Farms - Silver Oak Farms

Our History

In 1967 Dinwiddie Farms was established by James and Kennie Dinwiddie in Brazil, TN.  At that time, James operated a local community store and was a farmer on the side.  Farming, in the early years, consisted of a small number of acres along with swine and beef operations.

Dinwiddie Family Picture

1972, Kennie began purchasing farmland. He grew row crops, which included corn, wheat, beans, and cotton and also had livestock. In 1993, Kennie discontinued the swine segment of the operation but continued to work with cattle and grow crops. The partnership between Kennie and Kaleb was formed in January 1997 after Kaleb graduated high school in the spring of 1998.  In 2011, they got out of livestock and  shifted their full focus toward row crops.  They have expanded their row crops from 800 acres to over 6,000 today.  In 2013, Kaleb and his wife, Katie, were married and purchased his parents’ portion of the operation, becoming sole proprietors of Dinwiddie Farms.

Dinwiddie Farms relocated to Alamo Highway Trenton, TN, in 2014. The move was sparked by an ice storm that occurred in March of 2014, which destroyed the farm shops located in Brazil. 

A New Vision

The re-branding of Dinwiddie Farms to Silver Oak Farms began in 2020, and the transition was completed on June 30, 2020  As the recipient of our farm and family history, I’m proud to announce Dinwiddie Farms’ new brand Silver Oak Farms.  You might wonder why re-branding now. I received a vote of confidence from Kennie Dinwiddie, founder of Dinwiddie Farms.  This re-branding has been a long, drawn-out decision that I have been working on for more than five years.  We have considered and trashed numerous names.  They just didn’t fit our core values.  In visiting with an advisor, he throughout Silver Oak Farms.  Instantly, I felt this name fit our value chain; the oak tree represents strength, the roots represent our core business values, and silver represents the reward from our strategic planning, hard work, and countless blessings.  Don’t worry the change in name doesn’t change ownership, employees, or core values.

Our Operations Team

Silver Oak Farms has a very knowledgeable and energetic team of qualified employees.

  • Kaleb has extensive education and background experience in agriculture. He is the Owner and General Manager of Silver Oak Farms.  His Guidance helped propel Silver Oak Farms to grow to over 6,000 acres. 
  • Katie has a degree in education. She is involved in business marketing, social media, and the overall decision-making process. In addition to her business activities, she is also a full-time stay-at-home mother.
  • Bill Benthall, a family member and board of advisors for Silver Oak Farms, helps with strategic planning and futuristic thoughts. His wisdom continues to be particularly important to Silver Oak Farms.
  • Taylor Barker joined as the Operations Manager in October 2016. He has a plant/soil science degree from the University of Tennessee.  Taylor and his wife are from Trenton.  He has experience in grape production from Humboldt, TN.  Taylor has many roles on the farm, including field data, operations manager.

How We Serve Our Community

Kaleb is also involved in our local community in these ways:

  • Presidents of the Gibson County Co-op board
  • Presbyterian Church
  • Tennessee Farms Co-op steering committee
  • Food Pantry in Trenton, TN
  • Member of Gibson County Election Commission

Silver Oak Farms is a dedicated farming operation working to sustain the next generation farming. If you are a farmer looking to retire. we can facilitate your rent negotiation as well as farm sales between both parties.  In addition, we work closely with distress farmers. Please contact us if you have any questions or read more, Management Consultation, Next Generation Farming, and Landowner Information.

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