Next Generation Farmers

Sustaining Next Generation Farming

Sustaining the Next Generation Farmers allows for food and textile needs to be met while preserving soil quality, water, and reducing land erosion. Due to the growth of the population, researchers say that agriculture production could have to grow as much as 60% to meet the food demand. Based on those calculations, the need for new farming ventures and sustain current farming operations is critical.

Sustaining the next generation farmers usually fall into two problem areas: First, the expense of beginning a new farming operation and second is the “What Next” for the aging farm-owners

The cost of a new farming venture is enormous. You need capital, well maintained equipment line, high quality workforce, agronomic advisors, many systems for checks and balances, knowledge with experience, and last the most important land.  The cost of land is high and the available farmland that can produce is decreasing.  If you are a farmer needing guidance or want to start farming venture contact Kaleb Dinwiddie.  He will use his years of experience as a farmer and consultant to coach you through the process.

For the aging farmer, of which 40% is 65+ years, he is struggling to find a way out of farming. It is true, he can transfer his operations to his heirs, but many of them left the farm and have developed lives of their own and do not want to return to farming. Contact Kaleb Dinwiddie, and you may be a perfect partner for Silver Oak Farms. Kaleb has experience as a Farmland Operations Manager overseeing the operations of acres of grain farmland.  The aging farmer has a way out of the stress of farming, with income.  At the appropriate time, the farm can transfer to family without pressure and provide revenue for them.

Working to Sustain the Next Generation Farmers


Silver Oak Farms is a family-owned operation that is committed to providing quality products and services to maximize profitability for years to come. We look to the future with eager anticipation as we build a successful and sustainable farming operation. We are providing mutual success for families, employees, landowners, local communities, and others with whom we do business. 

We need to sustain farming now and into the next generations. We are here to possibly cultivate your land or help manage it. Learn more: Landowner business relationships.

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