Landowner Information

Landowner Information

Landowners – Is your rent fair to you and sustainable to the farmer?  Are the practices being used solid enough to meet today’s sustainability objectives? What are some possible needed improvements? We work to sustain the next generation farming; are you prepared? If any of these topics are not in your area of expertise, then we would be glad to help.

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy is built around working with the landowner to determine and implement operations that bring the best crop production. Silver Oak Farms is committed to staying abreast of current development in agriculture and applying those that are appropriate for us and fit within our objectives.  We stay updated in all areas of accounting, data analysis, agronomy, and technology.  We consult with landowners on decisions concerning implementation.

We strive to run a profitable agricultural business while ensuring our practices are fair and honest.  Professionalism, hard work, and application of knowledge are vital to Silver Oak Farms, along with careful stewardship of our natural resources.  We will do our best to enhance the land, water, air, and wildlife where we farm.  We believe that the application of our core values will help Silver Oak Farms continue to provide quality products and services while maximizing profitability to benefit our family, employees, and landowners. 


Silver Oak Farms had growth from 1997 to 2007.  Since then, we were interested in growth with monitoring profitability.  Those opportunities are limited. Our current infrastructure of management and equipment could handle additional acres.   Silver Oak Farms is ready for growth by acre increase if financially, ratios are in balance and working capital is sufficient for the expansion.  Kaleb and Taylor are responsible for acreage growth, and they will focus on careful control of this plan.

Landowner relations are a crucial part of Silver Oak Farms’ growth.  Silver Oak Farms is using Kaleb, Taylor, and Katie to manage these relationships.  Kaleb will nurture most of these relationships,  Kaleb and Taylor should maintain and create strong relationships with our landowners.   Non-Financial Resources
  • Kaleb has extensive education and background experience in agriculture. He is the Owner and General Manager of Silver Oak Farms.  His Guidance helped propel Silver Oak Farms to growth.
  • Katie has a degree in education. She is involved in business marketing, social media, and the overall decision-making process.  Also, she is a full-time stay-at-home mother.
  • Bill Benthall, a family member and board of advisors for Silver Oak Farms, helps with strategic planning and futuristic thoughts. His wisdom continues to be particularly important to Silver Oak Farms.
  • Taylor Barker joined as the Operations Manager in October 2016. He has a plant/soil science degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin.  Taylor and his wife are from Trenton.  He has experience in grape production from Humboldt, TN.  Taylor has many roles on the farm, including field data, and operations manager.
  • We employ, on an outside consultant basis, McGillicuddy Agronomics, Next Level Agronomics, K-Coe Isom, Capital Prime, Agyield, Tepap, and Brandon Clenney of Steele Martin CPA. These innovative consultants are a part of our competitive edge.
  • We have many delivery points, including Mississippi River, Ethanol, Swine Farms, Tyson Local grain services, and Railroads.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us or request lease information.

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