Farm Management Services

Farm Operations Services

As of 2020, Silver Oak Farms consists of over 6,000 acres of grain farmland. Our current infrastructure of management and equipment could handle additional acres.  Additional growth would significantly improve asset turnover, reduce cost, and overall increase efficiency. Services we provide our farms, but not limited to, are as follows:

Grain Storage –

  • Capacity to store up to 375,000 bushels of grain. Storage helps to protect our farms from selling in a buyers’ market.

Marketing –

  • BrockReport
  • Pro Farmer
  • Van Trump
  • Agyield

Sales – We sell as opportunities come

  • HTA
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Straight sales

Production Cost Insurance

  • Revenue protection enterprise units

Accounting systems – Conservis

  • Based on profitability, we rank profit by crop and field. We count all costs utility, fuel, parts, draws, and depreciation.

Production Management

  • Conservis – For our field cost-related expenses
  • GPS/Wireless data transfer
  • Information Technology
Public Relations/ Community Involvement
  • Silver Oak Farms works hard to actively support charitable activities and groups in our area, such as our church and schools. We also support the 4H, Gibson County Livestock association.  We strive to help the less fortunate through our local food pantry and hope to be involved in creating a countywide food program in the future. We believe it will be a significant factor in our success.

Silver Oak Farms is a dedicated farming operation working to sustain the next generation farming. If you are a farmer looking to retire. we can facilitate your rent negotiation as well as farm sales between both parties.  In addition, we work closely with distress farmers. Please contact us if you have any questions or read more, Management Consultation, Next Generation Farming, and Landowner Information.

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