Welcome to Silver Oak Farms

Silver Oak Farms initially founded in 1967 as Dinwiddie Farms is a third-generation family-owned and operated farm in Trenton, TN.  Silver Oak Farms is owned and operated by Kaleb and Katie Dinwiddie.  Our farm is a combination of both owned and managed farmland, growing wheat, soybeans, and corn, providing farming operations in Gibson, Crockett, and Carroll counties in Tennessee. We are future-focused and are seeking to expand to any adjacent county. We look to the future with eager anticipation as we build a successful and sustainable farming operation. Providing mutual success for families, employees, landowners, and our local communities. Read More about Our History and New Vision!


The strength of our Management Operations is the Partnerships we develop with our landowners. We tailor to each landowner’s needs and the farmland’s potential.  These partnerships are at the foundation of the growth we have experienced and will be critical for future growth.  Our partnering with Farmland Owners continues to grow through long term relationships.  Read More: Landowner Information and Next Generation Farming

Silver Oak Farms is a dedicated farming operation working to sustain the next generation farming. If you are a farmer looking to retire. we can facilitate your rent negotiation as well as farm sales between both parties.  In addition, we work closely with distress farmers. Please contact us if you have any questions or read more, Management Consultation, Next Generation Farming, and Landowner Information.

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